Hicks Pattern Circle Pendant


32mm X 27mm X 2.8mm, Weight: 8 Grams, Cast in Sterling Silver .925

Made to Order in Los Angeles, CA. Please allow 2-4 weeks for production and delivery. Customization options are available upon request.


Hicks Pattern Square Pendant

David Nightingale Hicks (1929 -1998) was truly a renaissance man. He was a talented interior designer, photographer, painter and sculptor and produced fashion and jewelry collections. He designed the interior of a BMW and scarlet-heeled men’s evening shoes. David wrote that his  “greatest contribution… has been to show people how to use bold color mixtures, how to use patterned carpets, how to light rooms and how to mix old with new. Few people know he served as a major inspiration for Stanley Kubrick’s the Shining set designs; most notably he designed the iconic hex pattern carpet in the Overlook Hotel.