Introducing Our Terra Collection Flagship Rings!

Introducing the Terra Collection: Our¬†Tribute to the Enduring Spirit of Nature       ¬†   Ether Eleven’s Terra Collection emerges as a homage to the Earth’s rugged landscapes and unrefined beauty found in nature’s creations. This series of jewelry pieces draws from the textures, patterns, and resilience found in natural rock formations and mineral […]

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Ether Eleven In Peru and a Shipibo Adventure

When I was a child, I remember my parents had several artifacts around the house that they collected from their travels. One of the most striking pieces was bowl from made by the Shipibo people in Peru covered in the most beautifully intricate patterns. I remember my mother telling me that she was from the […]

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Ether Eleven – Los Angeles Based and Locally Handcrafted

Fast and disposable fashion is plaguing our society and causing serious damage to our planet. We take a stand against this outdated mentality. Our heirlooms are crafted locally with intention to last a lifetime and be passed on through generations. We applaud those who are on a mission with us: don’t consume, create! Through art, […]

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